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Accession # A2009.193
Title Blake - Cowan - Wainman family records, ca.1880-2009.
Date 1880-2009
Description Blake - Cowan - Wainman family records, ca.1880-2009.

The photographs and documents listed below were compiled by Mary Blake (nee Cowan) and her daughter Margaret Wainman (nee Blake), and relate mainly to the Blake - Cowan - Wainman families.

The family of John and Annabell Blake farmed at Front Lot 19, Gore Concession, Puslinch Twp., from their marriage until 1949 when they retired to Galt. They died and are buried in Crieff Cemetery. Their children were Annie (Mrs. Hubert Taylor, Calgary) and James (who married Mary Cowan).

The family of Walter Cowan and Anne / Annie (nee McPherson) lived at Rear Lot 29, Gore Concession, Puslinch Twp. In 1916 they traded their farm for a house in Vancouver. Their family consisted of:
- Margaret (1879-1961) - married Hugh McAninch;
- Alex (1881-1963) - married Margaret Naismith;
- Jean / Jennie (1883-1945) - married John Sawyer;
- James (1885-1948) - married Clara Naismith;
- William (1887, died in infancy);
- Mary (1888-1977) - married James Blake;
- Thomas (1890-1970) - married Elsie Schell;
- Walter (1892-1950) - married Hetty Holden.

Mary Cowan had already married James Blake in 1909; they remained on the Blake homestead while the rest of the family went to Vancouver.

SERIES 1: JOHN BLAKE, Puslinch Twp., (1845-1925)
- file 1: Will, signed 22 May 1925; Executor's statement of Assets and Disbursements.

SERIES 2: GRACE WOOD BLAKE, Galt, (1893-1971).
[Grace Blake was the daughter of James Blake and Elizabeth Johnstone of Galt. Her brother was Albert Henry Blake].

- ph 31845: Grace Blake, portrait, ca.1903.
- ph 31846: Grace Blake, portrait, ca.1925[?]
- ph 31847: Grace Blake, three prints, one with Arno, Albert Blake's dog; one with her mother, "Aunt Lizzie", ca.1930[?].

- file 1: Will, 23 July 1968, and probate document; newspaper obituary; statement of Executors, 15 Jan. 1974. [Grace Blake named her cousin, Margaret Wainman and Margaret's husband Norman Wainman as her executors].

SERIES 3: ALBERT HENRY BLAKE, Galt / BC, (1895-1966).
[Albert Blake was the son of James Blake and Elizabeth Johnstone of Galt. His sister was Grace Wood Black].

- ph 31848: Albert Blake, portrait, ca.1905.
- ph 31849: Albert Blake with his mother ("Aunt Lizzie") and Arno, his dog, ca.1930[?].

- file 1: Newspaper clipping, wedding of Albert Henry Blake to Alberta Ruth Carscadden, at Greenwood United Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 7 Sept. 1936; died in British Columbia; burial service at White Rock Baptist Church, 5 Aug. 1966.

SERIES 4: ANNIE / HANNAH TAYLOR, Puslinch Twp. / Calgary, Alberta (nee Blake 1888-1977).
[Annie Blake was the daughter of John and Annabell Blake, of Puslinch Twp., sister of James Blake; Alice Taylor was the daughter of Hubert and Annie Taylor].

- ph 31850: Annie Blake, full length portrait. Photo: H.H. Smith, Galt, ca.1900.
- ph 31851: Annie Blake, Jemima Bryce and Hugh Braidwood. Photo: Henderson, Galt, ca.1907[?].
- ph 31852: Annie and Bert Taylor, full length portrait. Photo: Kennedy, Guelph, ca.1913[?].

- file 1: Invitation to the commencement exercises of Alice Taylor, 23 April 1944; letters "Dear Brother" and "Dear Jim and Mary [Blake]", 1962, 1963; obituary Charles Hubert Taylor, 25 Jan. 1963; funeral notice Hannah Taylor, 22 July 1977.

SERIES 5: JAMES DUNCAN BLAKE, Puslinch Twp. / Galt (1887-1974).
[James Blake was the son of John and Annabell Blake, of Puslinch Twp.; James Blake married Mary Cowan at her home, Juniper Hill Farm, Crieff, Lot 29, Rear Gore, Puslinch Twp., in 1909. They farmed at Lot 19, Front Gore, Puslinch Twp., until they retired to Galt in 1949].

- ph 31853: Jim Blake, full length portrait. Photo: A.S. Taylor, Galt, 1897[?].
- ph 31854: George Crompton, Joe McConnell, Jim Blake.
- ph 31855: Jim Blake and partner (New York). Photo: Mercantile View Co., New York.
- ph 31856: James Blake, portrait. Photo: Smith, Galt, ca.1909 [2 copies].
- ph 31857: Jim Blake and Mary (nee Cowan), wedding portrait. Photo: C. Burgess, Guelph, 1909 [2 copies].
- ph 31857a: [Mary Blake?], 2 prints, two weeks old when taken June 1914.
- ph 31858: "Our House" 1916. [thought to be the home of James and Mary Blake, Lot 19, Front Gore, Puslinch Twp.].
- ph 31859: Jim Blake, his wife Mary and daughter Margaret. Photo: Smith, Galt, ca.1920.
- ph 31860: Jim and Mary Blake. 3 colour prints, 60th anniversary celebrations at Lincoln Avenue [United] Church, [Cambridge], and "at The Highlands [restaurant] when Wainmans entertained", 28 Dec. 1969.
- ph 31861: Jim and Mary Blake. 2 colour prints, when Hetty [(nee Holden), Mrs. Walter Cowan] was here, 1970.

- file 1: Farm account book 1910-1911; separate listings for butter, eggs, chickens. Includes wedding announcement, Mary E. Cowan and James Blake, Crieff, 1910; letter from Jim B[lake] to Mrs. W.S. Cowan, Burnaby Lake, BC, 28 Dec. 1916.

- file 2: Account book, Puslinch 1925-1927; Galt 1949-1951.

- file 3: Notice of Executor's Auction Sale, estate of the late John Cameron; also South Half of Lot 28, Puslinch Gore; South Half of the Front Half, Lot 27, Puslinch Gore; South Half of Lot 30, Puslinch Gore, 15 Dec. 1927. [AC38].

- file 4: Program, The Presbyterian Church in West Puslinch, Centennial Services, 16 June 1940. Includes list of Ministers / Elders, Heads of [Parish] Families, 1857.

- file 5: Card, with program of events, Puslinch Centennial, 1850-1950, 25-27 August 1950.

- file 6: Memorial book, James Duncan Blake, died 28 Aug. 1974. Includes some family details, signatures of relatives and friends, floral tributes.

- file 7: Receipt for purchase of lot in Galt Cemetery by James Blake, 18 August 1893; Assessment Notice, City of Galt, 1958; newspaper clipping celebrating the 60th wedding anniversary of James and Mary Blake, 1970; newspaper obituary; floral cards from the funeral of James Blake; invoice for funeral services, Coutts & Son Ltd., Galt; Service sheet, First United Church, Cambridge (Galt), 1 Sept. 1974.

- file 8: Will, 21 March 1967, and probate document; statement of account from Harris, White, Matlow, Miller & Harris, barristers and solicitors, Cambridge (Galt), 11 March 1975.

SERIES 6: MARY BLAKE (nee Cowan, 1888-1977).
[Daughter of Walter Scott Cowan and Anne (nee McPherson)]

- ph 31862: Tintype. Mary Cowan, infant, 1888.
- ph 31863: Mary Cowan, full length portrait. Photo: Dobereiner, Guelph, ca.1898.
- ph 31864: Crieff School, S.S. #6, Puslinch Twp., teacher and students (1), ca.1900.
- ph 31865: Crieff School, S.S. #6, Puslinch Twp., teacher and students (2), ca.1900.
- ph 31866: Mary Cowan, 3/4 length portrait. Photo: R.B. Kennedy, Guelph [3 copies] 1908[?].
- ph 31867: 4 related prints, Juniper Hill farm, orchard, auction sale, 1914.

The following prints found within envelope marked "Crieff":
- ph 31868: 7 related prints, showing parade of students, with signs "Puslinch No.6"; and "S.S. No. 8"; Aberfoyle 1925.
- ph 31869: Crieff Church.
- ph 31870: Crossroads Crieff, showing Knox Church on hill at right. [identification print courtesy of Betty Ferguson]
- ph 31871: Laying a cornerstone at wall, Crieff Church, 10 Nov. 1924.
- ph 31872: Bob Duthie, wearing ecclesiastical gown, 1961.

- ph 31873: Dorcas Unit of Lincoln Avenue United Church, Cambridge (Galt); 18 women; Mrs. J. Blake in front row, 1964. [STACKS - O/S]
- ph 31874: Three colour prints, [Mrs. J. Blake] at christening of Wendy Scott, 7 Sept. 1975.

- file 1: Details of a Government of Canada annuity, 1939-1953.

- file 2: 24 birth announcements, received by Mary Blake, 1945-1982.

- file 3: Will, signed 14 Jan. 1976.

- file 4: Memorial book, Mary Blake (nee Cowan), died 11 Oct. 1977. Includes some family details, signatures of relatives and friends, floral tributes.

- file 5: Newspaper obituary; floral cards from the funeral of Mary Blake; invoice for funeral services, Coutts & Son Ltd., Galt; Service sheet, Lincoln Avenue United Church, Cambridge, 16 Oct. 1977; letters of condolence to daughter Margaret Wainman (nee Blake).

- file 6: Photocopies, added 22 Dec. 2009, explaining ph 31871, the laying of a cornerstone in the completed wall at Crieff Church, 10 Nov. 1924.

SERIES 7: MARGARET EVELYN BLAKE / MRS. NORMAN WAINMAN (1913-date) [daughter of James Blake and Mary Cowan].

- ph 31875: [Margaret Blake?] Young girl standing next to automobile, ca.1920.
- ph 31876: Margaret Blake, portrait. Photo: Smith's Studios, Galt, ca.1930.
- ph 31877: [Margaret Blake and [name]. Photo: Smith's Studios, Galt, [2 copies, one hand-tinted] ca.1930[?].
- ph 31878a-c: Wedding portraits of Norman Wainman and Margaret Blake, 12 July 1944; three prints.
- ph 31879: Wedding portrait of Norman Wainman and Margaret Blake. Back row, l-r: Donald Farquharson from Renfrew; best man, Alec Wainman; groom; Ellis Armstrong. In front, l-r: Jean Barthel from Cambridge (Preston), bride. Photo: The Arts, Galt, 12 July 1944. [STACKS - O/S].
- ph 31880: 12 prints of Wainman-Blake wedding; 2 of another wedding at which Margaret Wainman was bridesmaid or maid of honour.
- ph 31881: Album, begins with wedding, 12 July 1944; includes honeymoon / holiday pictures; Union Station, Toronto; view from Royal York Hotel over Toronto waterfront; Normandie Lodge, Wasaga Beach; aircraft and hangars; Grand River Tea Room; beekeeping; postcards of Renfrew; submarine U-190; British Columbia.

- file 1: Letters to Miss M.E. Blake from F.S. Jarvis, 1929; letter to Margaret from Ruby W., Walker Stores, Galt, 1938; program and newspaper clippings: "The Right House, Galt, presents "Bridal '72" [Marg Wainman was listed as Controller]; letter from Revenue Canada, acknowledging remittance, 2 Aug. 1987.

- file 2: 1-page sheet from scrapbook, with clippings of engagement and wedding announcements, Margaret Blake and Norman Wainman, 12 July 1944. [AC38].

- file 3: First United Church, Cambridge (Galt), programmes, clipping 1938-1973:
- Item: The First Church Young Peoples Players present "Three-Cornered Moon" [undated]
- Item: The First United Church Choir presents "The 1934 Minstrels and Revue"
- Item: The First United Church Choir present "The Merry Minstrels of 1935"
- Item: The First Church players present "A Pair of Sixes, 17 March 1938.
- Item: Married Couples Club, First United Church present "Quiet Week-End" [Margaret Wainman is listed in the cast], ca.1948[?]
- Item: First United Church presents "I Remember It Well", April 1973.

- ph 31881a: Methodist / United Church[?].

- ph 31881b: Junior Choir[?], 7 June 1953.


- ph 31882: 80th Canadian Training Squadron, Royal Air Force, Camp Borden[?], ca.1917[?].
- ph 31883: Norman [Wainman][age] 14, 1935.

- file 1: Newspaper clipping, Victoria North Ward School, Renfrew, ca.1932; Norman Wainman is in the front row; correspondence re bees and beekeeping, Con.9. Lot 12, North Dumfries Twp., 1962-1965.

[son of Norman James Wainman and Margaret (nee Blake)].
- file 1: Baptismal certificate, First United Church, [Cambridge, (Galt)], 9 June 1946; Letter addressed to Mrs. N. Wainman, "Dear Mum ... Love Blake.", postmarked 31 May 1956; newspaper clippings, wedding to Constance Irene Hindley, Preston, 14 Aug. 1971.

- ph 31884: 23 colour prints, removed from album, of wedding, Blake Wainman with Connie Hindley. Includes some shots of dog, cat, garden, Christmas decorations, 1971.

SERIES 10: COWAN family, genealogy, photographs, 1975-1985.
- file 1: Letter from John S. Leslie, Evergreen Town[ship], Sanilac County, Michigan, 20 April 1882. The letter begins "Dear Friend", but internal evidence suggests it was addressed to Walter Scott Cowan. James Galloway, who owned land adjacent to Cowan is mentioned. The letter ends "a kiss to Maggie" [Margaret Cowan who would have then been 3 years of age]. Overall, the letter describes conditions as Leslie took up new land in Michigan.

- file 2: Letter addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Cowan as they took up their "abode in a land so far removed from us..." The letter accompanied a silver tea service, and was found therein when the service was donated to the Museum. The letter is signed by Duncan McAllister, Archie Scott and Fred Roszell, 2 March 1914.

- file 3: Genealogies,1975-1985.
- Item: Cowan Family and McPherson Family / Births Marriages Deaths by Mary Blake, May 1975; 7 pages, latest date 1975.
- Item: Cowan Family and McPherson Family / Births Marriages Deaths by Mary Blake; 3 pages, latest date 1977.
- Item: The Cowans (a Trilogy) [by] J.F. Mathieson; includes 1-page addendum, 11+1 pages; 4 Aug. 1984; revised 13 Aug. 1984.
- Item: The "Crieff" Cowans: a resume [by] J. Mathieson, 3 pages, 3 Dec, 1985.
- Item: Four Cowan Families by Jennie F. Cowan, 5 pages, 2 copies, 1985.

- file 4: Cowan notes, newspaper announcements, 1883-1992.
- Cowan, Alexander, Vernon BC, 1963.
- Cowan, Alexander M., marriage to Margaret Pearl Naismith / Speers, Kelowna, BC, 1910.
- Cowan, Christine Louise, birth, 1968[?].
- Cowan, Diana Lyn, birth, 1970.
- Cowan, Jean, Mrs. John W. Sawyer, death, 1980.
- Sawyer, John Wilfrid [husband of Jean Cowan], obituary, 1960.
- Cowan, Kimberly Joy, birth, 1955.
- Cowan, Robert G. (Bert), Galt, farmer, 1975.
- Cowan, Robert James, birth, 1937.
- Cowan, R.J., insurance sales manager, New Westminster BC, 1946[?].
- Cowan, Robert James, Vancouver[?], marriage to Wendy Lynn Grove, 1967[?].
- Cowan, Thomas Deans, farmer, Galt, 1970.
- Cowan, Thomas, marriage to Elsie Ingabor Schell, Seattle WA, 1925.
- Cowan, Thomas Walter, Vernon BC., obituary, 31 May 1992.
- Cowan, Valerie Anne, birth, 1953.
- Cowan, W.B., Guelph, patentee and manufacturer, 1883.
- Cowan, Walter Elwin, marriage to Hetty Holden, 1931.
- Cowan, Walter E., Vancouver, death, Feb 1951.

- ph 31885: Photo-montage of family of Walter and Annie Cowan, showing "Mother and Father" and infant portraits of: Margaret (1879-1961); Alex (1881-1963); Jean / Jennie (1883-1945); James (1885-1948); NOT SHOWN: William (1887, died in infancy); Mary (1888-date);Thomas (1890-1970); Walter (1892-1950). [STACKS - O/S]

- ph 31886: Cowan, Alex, portrait. Photo: A. Barrett, [Toronto, ca.1900?].
- ph 31887: Cowan, Alex and Pearl and son Thomas Walter Cowan, 20 prints [undated].
- ph 31888: Cowan, Alex and Pearl and family, 21 prints, 1953-1963.
- ph 31889: Cowan, Alex. Ernie McConnell & Margaret; Margaret Pearl Cowan [widow of Alex Cowan], Anne Hammond, Alys, Don, Deanna & Walter Cowan, evening of Alex Cowan's funeral, 9 Dec. 1963.
- ph 31890: Cowan, James, BC, 19 prints, 1926-1954.
- ph 31891: [Cowan], Jean & Mary/Marg, [2 copies], ca.1905[?].
- ph 31892: Cowan, Robert / Bob. Photo: Artona, [Vancouver BC], 1956.
- ph 31893: Cowan, Robert James, wedding, 3 colour prints, 1965.
- ph 31894: Cowan, Robert and Wendy and daughters, 10 prints, 1968-1976.
- ph 31895: Cowan, Ted, portrait. Photo: Hartsook Photographers Inc., Seattle.
- ph 31896: Cowan, Thomas / Tom, portrait. Photo: T.H. Smith, Galt, ca.1890.
- ph 31897: Cowan, Thomas / Tom, BC, 2 postcards, 1911, 1914.
- ph 31898: Cowan, Valerie, marriage to Bob Zimmerman, 4 colour prints, [1972].
- ph 31899: Cowan, Walter E., portrait. Photo: Parisian Studio, Vancouver BC.
- ph 31900: Cowan, Walter E., wife Hetty and son Rob, 28 prints, 1924-1954.
- ph 31901: Cowan, Walter and wife, cemetery plot, Burnaby BC.

SERIES 11: McANINCH family, 1921-ca.1970.
- file 1: Announcement of the wedding of Myrene Castor to Walter H. McAninch, Seattle, Washington, 15 Dec. 1956; includes newspaper clipping. "Pacific Northwest Living" - articles about the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter McAninch, Seattle, from the Seattle Times, 7, 14 May 1961.

- ph 31902: Tintype. Hugh[?] McAninch.
- ph 31903: 17 prints taken at home of Hugh McAninch, Seattle, 1921-1954
- ph 31904: Walt[er] McAninch, portrait, Photo: Frederick & Nelson, Seattle, ca.1970[?].

SERIES 12: McPHAIL - COWAN families, 1856-1899; 1983-1984.
[Walter Scott Cowan (1817-1886) married, ca.1842[?], Margaret McPhail (1822-1872); their son was Walter Scott Cowan (1843-1930) who married Annie McPherson].
- file 1: Letters from R. Bruce McPhail, Bracebridge, to Mrs. M. Wainman re Cowan-McPhail family history, 1983-1984. Includes photocopies of letters from Alexander McPhail, North Dumfries, 1856; Daniel McPhail, Dakota Territory, 1884 and from J.W. McPhail, North Dakota 1898, 1899.

SERIES 13: McPHERSON family, 1883-1920.
- file 1: Letter from Donald McPherson, Winnipeg, to his sister, Mrs. [Walter] Cowan, 24 June 1883; includes birth dates of children of Alex. McPherson (b.1822) and his wife Jane (b.1833); death notice, Courtland H. Peaker, 1946, and Edith J. McPherson, his wife, 1963.

- ph 31905: Cabinet card. Dr. D.A. McPherson. Photo: R. Lane, Toronto, ca.1886-1889.
- ph 31906: Marjorie and Annie McPherson, ca.1900[?]
- ph 31907: Jean McPherson, infant,
- ph 31908: Mary McPherson, full length portrait with doll. Photo: OK Studio, Guelph, ca.1910-1915[?]
- ph 31909: Courtland H. Peaker, husband of Edith J. McPherson, 1924 [wall calendar].

- file 1: Newspaper clippings and transcript, May-August 1936, describing Rev. Howard Rokeby-Thomas and his wife Anna (nee Roszell) and his assignment to the Arctic.

- file 1: Photocopies of materials used in researching this collection.
Creator \ Maker Blake, Mary [MAKER]
Creator \ Maker Wainman, Margaret [MAKER]
Mercantile View Company [PHOTOGRAPHER]
Burgess, Charles [PHOTOGRAPHER]
Smith's Studios [PHOTOGRAPHER]
Mathieson, J. F. [Author]
Cowan, Jennie F. [Author]
Hartsook Photographers Incorporated [PHOTOGRAPHER]
Parisian Studio [PHOTOGRAPHER]
Frederick and Nelson [PHOTOGRAPHER]
Item Name Record Group
Person \ Organization Juniper Hill Farm
Lincoln Avenue United Church
Highlands, The
Galt Cemetery
Coutts and Son Limited
First United Church
Harris, White, Matlow, Miller and Harris
Crieff Public School
S. S. #6 Puslinch Twp.
Dorcas Society
Union Station
Royal York Hotel
Normandie Lodge
Grand River Tea Room
Walker Stores Limited
Right House, The
Revenue Canada
Government of Canada
First United Church
Married Couples Club
Royal Air Force
Blake, John
Blake, Annabell
Blake, Annie
Taylor, Hubert
Taylor, Annie
Blake, James
Cowan, Walter
Cowan, Annie
McPherson, Annie
Cowan, Margaret
Cowan, Alex
Cowan, Jean
Cowan, Jennie
Cowan, James
Cowan, William
Cowan, Mary
Cowan, Thomas
Cowan, Walter
Blake, Grace Wood
Blake, Albert Henry
Carscadden, Alberta Ruth
Taylor, Hannah
Taylor, Bert
Taylor, Alice
Bryce, Jemima
Braidwood, Hugh
Taylor, Charles Hubert
Blake, James Duncan
Crompton, George
McConnell, Joe
Blake, Margaret
Cameron, John
Cowan, Walter Scott
McPherson, Anne
Duthie, Bob
Scott, Wendy
Blake, Margaret Evelyn
Farquharson, Donald
Wainman, Alec
Armstrong, Ellis
Barthel, Jean
Jarvis, F. S.
Wainman, Norman Blake
Hindley, Constance Irene
Hindley, Constance Irene
Wainman, Connie
Leslie, John S.
Galloway, James
McAllister, Duncan
Scott, Archie
Roszell, Fred
Cowan, Alexander M.
Naismith, Margaret Pearl
Cowan, Christine Louise
Cowan, Diana Lyn
Cowan, Jean
Sawyer, John (Mrs.)
Sawyer, John Wilfrid
Cowan, Kimberly Joy
Cowan, Robert G. Bert
Cowan, Robert James
Cowan, Thomas Deans
Schell, Elsie Ingabor
Cowna, Thomas Walter
Cowan, Valerie Anne
Cowan, Walter Elwin
Cowan, W. B.
Cowan, Pearl
McConnell, Ernie
Cowan, Margaret Pearl
Hammond, Anne
Cowan, James
Cowan, Jean
Cowan, Mary
Cowan, Margaret
Cowan, Robert
Cowan, Wendy
Cowan, Ted
McAninch, Walter H.
McAninch, Hugh
McPhail, Margaret
McPhail, R. Bruce
McPhail, Alexander
McPhail, Daniel
McPhail, J. W.
McPherson, Donald
McPherson, Jane
Peaker, Courtland H.
McPherson, Edith J.
McPherson, D. A. (Dr.)
McPherson, Marjorie
McPherson, Annie
McPherson, Jean
McPherson, Mary I.
Rokeby-Thomas, Howard R. (Rev.)
Roszell, Anna E.
Rokeby-Thomas, Anna E.
Place Puslinch Twp.
British Columbia
West Puslinch
Juniper Hill Farm
Wasaga Beach
Camp Borden
North Dumfries Twp.
North Dakota
Subject Genealogy
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